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New Song For Subscribers: A Silly Vowel Song!

Let's sing a silly song about Apples and Bananas! (Click the images for video links) If you want to visit the Bakery Shop after singing about apples and bananas, head here: Or listen to a silly story about doughnuts here: Or just relax and imagine your favorite foods with this guided imagery: Want fun learning… Continue reading New Song For Subscribers: A Silly Vowel Song!


Two Little Blackbirds Rhyming Song

One of the easiest rhyming songs that can be as long or short as you need it to be while using whatever words you want to rhyme! Click the image for the video This fingerplay song is just right for home learning, circle time in a classroom, during a transition, or on the go!

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New Activity For October

A New Activity for October is HERE! Can you guess what game it will be? Want fun educational videos every month? Join the Circle! Log in


Hear Do: An Active Story Time Game!

When I was a classroom teacher, I could always tell when a story time was going to be rambunctious. Some kids had the “super-wiggles” and sitting for a book was not going to happen. So, that’s when I would have our story time become an active story time game with Hear Do!

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Counting, Numeral Matching, and Dump Trucks

Early Math Games For Toddlers