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Hey, It’s Ada Twist, Scientist!

If you've got curious and creative kids but don't know the best-selling books about the Questioneers, now is the time to get acquainted! With spunky characters, fantastic rhymes, and cool illustrations, these books rule the school...Blue River Creek School that is, where all the characters attend second grade with Ms. Lila Greer. For more on… Continue reading Hey, It’s Ada Twist, Scientist!

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September Adventure: Part 2!

New content is posted on the Sharing Circle Google Classroom: September Adventure Part 2 book list, plus new activities! Subscribe to get access to more Sharing Circle! Log in

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Fascinating Fractured Fairy Tales

13 Fractured Fairy Tales for Preschool to young adult.

Toddler Activities

One Potato, Two: Simple Transition Songs

Easy Transition Cues For Toddlers

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Learning Songs: Singing The Scales

Learning Song Series: Singing The Scales To Build Social, Musial, and Cognitive Skills