Welcome To School: Getting Kids Kindergarten Ready

It's that beautiful time of year when the weather cools and the smell of apples fill the air here in Vermont...and kids head off to school! Starting kindergarten can be the most heart-wrenching transition for families as it marks an enormous period of growth; it may also mean longer days away from home, being in… Continue reading Welcome To School: Getting Kids Kindergarten Ready

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Sharing Circle Education

Join The Circle! Your monthly subscription will give you access to the Sharing Circle Classroom for ages three to eight. Fun story videos, activities, songs, and book lists added each month! For more information, feel free to check out the Join The Circle! page or email me with any questions. Only $10/month! ************************************************** Need some… Continue reading Sharing Circle Education

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Back To Story Time: 25 Read Alouds For The Classroom

Well, back-to-school time is officially here. When I was a full-time teacher, one of my favorite things to do before the school year started was to pick out the books I would read at story times for the first few weeks. I would choose each one so deliberately, make a written calendar of titles, and… Continue reading Back To Story Time: 25 Read Alouds For The Classroom


Hear Do: An Active Story Time Game!

When I was a classroom teacher, I could always tell when a story time was going to be rambunctious. Some kids had the “super-wiggles” and sitting for a book was not going to happen. So, that’s when I would have our story time become an active story time game with Hear Do!

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Would You Rather? With Books! Check out my most recent post on Imagination Soup! Hi Friends! You all know I am low-key (or maybe high-key, if that's a thing?) obsessed with books, right? Right. So of course I have to make up games that revolve around reading! My most favorite is Would You Rather? My kids each pick a… Continue reading Would You Rather? With Books!