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Want Even More Early Learning Fun?

Want even more fun stories, videos, activities, and podcast episodes? Join the circle! As a special Halloween Spook-tacular treat, I will offer a one-month subscription for HALF-PRICE for just $5, if you sign up on October 31st! Once you subscribe, you get the month of November, plus access to the whole video archive. This is… Continue reading Want Even More Early Learning Fun?

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Why Elephant And Piggie Are Fantastic For Beginning Readers

Have a beginner reader at home and need some books that will give them the giggles and get them to love reading? Then look no further than Mo Willems Elephant and Piggie series! Kids cannot resist these hilarious books, and they are fantastic for helping new readers with sight words and practicing sound blending. Simple… Continue reading Why Elephant And Piggie Are Fantastic For Beginning Readers

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Would You Rather? With Books! Check out my most recent post on Imagination Soup! Hi Friends! You all know I am low-key (or maybe high-key, if that's a thing?) obsessed with books, right? Right. So of course I have to make up games that revolve around reading! My most favorite is Would You Rather? My kids each pick a… Continue reading Would You Rather? With Books!