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New Subscriber Story Time!

Let's bake un pastel with ocho animales in this mixed-language book Eight Animals Bake A Cake by Susan Middleton Elya and Lee Chapman Click image above for story time video After reading, you can bake a cake! Or for something a little simpler, try out the days of the week in both English and Spanish… Continue reading New Subscriber Story Time!

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New Subscriber Story Time!

Let's make a feast in this counting book Feast For Ten by Cathryn Falwell Click book cover or title for story time video. After listening, see if you can think of all the foods you would want at a feast in your house. Can you count them all? Draw them all? Cook them all? Who… Continue reading New Subscriber Story Time!

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Want Even More Early Learning Fun?

Want even more fun stories, videos, activities, and podcast episodes? Join the circle! As a special Halloween Spook-tacular treat, I will offer a one-month subscription for HALF-PRICE for just $5, if you sign up on October 31st! Once you subscribe, you get the month of November, plus access to the whole video archive. This is… Continue reading Want Even More Early Learning Fun?

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10 Latine Biographies: Nonfiction Picture Books For Ages Three and Up

Nonfiction is an important part of the reading spectrum and biographies are a great foray into that world. Here are 10 Latine biographies for ages three and up that I highlighted for the website Pura Vida Moms.


The Magic of The Magic School Bus

The Magic School Bus books and shows have been around for years, but if you haven't had a chance to explore them thoroughly, now is your chance! Click here for a deep dive into the Magic School Bus that I wrote about for Imagination Soup. If you are already a fan of all things Ms.… Continue reading The Magic of The Magic School Bus