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New Fun Stuff For October

New Books Lists and Activities are posted in the Sharing Circle Classroom! More activities will come throughout the week, and lots of videos all month long! Want fun stories, games, and activities for children ages three to eight? Join the circle! Log in

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New Song Video For Subscribers

A new song video is HERE! Can you guess what song it might be from this picture? Want to watch fun story videos and hear songs? Join the Circle! Log in

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September Is Adventure Month!

New story and activity videos up now! Next week will bring an audio story, a video, and a sneak peek at the theme for October so stay tuned! There's still time to get all the September Adventure fun if you subscribe today! For $10/month you will get story time and activity videos, book lists,… Continue reading September Is Adventure Month!

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September Adventure Story Time! (for subscribers)

Here is a September Adventure Story Time just for you! (Harriet Gets Carried Away by Jessie Sima) Thanks for being here! Subscribe to get access to the story time videos and more! Log in

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September Adventure: Part 2!

New content is posted on the Sharing Circle Google Classroom: September Adventure Part 2 book list, plus new activities! Subscribe to get access to more Sharing Circle! Log in