Bilingual Learning

Hola Animales: Bilingual Preschool Activities

Are you raising bilingual children or working in a multi-language classroom? Or do you want to just share bilingual preschool activities with the young children in your life? When you teach young children more than one language, or speak in a different language from their "home" language, it can help boost their cognition, listening skills,… Continue reading Hola Animales: Bilingual Preschool Activities

Subscriber Fun

New Story Video For Subscribers!

Imagine being on the moon with this dreamy story: The Boy and the Blue Moon! If you are feeling inspired after hearing this story, you can make some beautiful blue moon artwork or even a blue moon book! This video will show you how to make a mini book with one piece of paper. If… Continue reading New Story Video For Subscribers!


Easy And Fun Family Traditions

With some big winter holidays approaching, it feels like a good time to create those core memories I keep hearing about. Though I just want to cozy up around a fire and take a nap, establishing some family traditions sounds good too, there are some fun ones that can easily fit into that landscape of… Continue reading Easy And Fun Family Traditions

Subscriber Fun

New Song For Subscribers: A Silly Vowel Song!

Let's sing a silly song about Apples and Bananas! (Click the images for video links) If you want to visit the Bakery Shop after singing about apples and bananas, head here: Or listen to a silly story about doughnuts here: Or just relax and imagine your favorite foods with this guided imagery: Want fun learning… Continue reading New Song For Subscribers: A Silly Vowel Song!

Subscriber Fun

Subscriber Story Time: A Silly and Delicious Counting Book!

Enjoy counting all the delicious doughnuts--and hungry friends--in the book: Dozens Of Doughnuts by Carrie Finison and Brianne Farley After all the doughnuts, check out the Bakery Shop Counting Song here: For another delicious story, listen to How To Make An Apple Pie and See The World by Marjorie Priceman Or if you just want… Continue reading Subscriber Story Time: A Silly and Delicious Counting Book!