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New Fun Stuff For October

New Books Lists and Activities are posted in the Sharing Circle Classroom! More activities will come throughout the week, and lots of videos all month long! Want fun stories, games, and activities for children ages three to eight? Join the circle! Log in

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New Song Video For Subscribers

A new song video is HERE! Can you guess what song it might be from this picture? Want to watch fun story videos and hear songs? Join the Circle! Log in

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October At Sharing Circle!

What will October be about here at Sharing Circle Education? Click here to find out more! Here's a little hint: Can you guess what is happening in October? New things will be shared all month. Hope to see you around the circle!

Children's Book Lists

Hey, It’s Ada Twist, Scientist!

If you've got curious and creative kids but don't know the best-selling books about the Questioneers, now is the time to get acquainted! With spunky characters, fantastic rhymes, and cool illustrations, these books rule the school...Blue River Creek School that is, where all the characters attend second grade with Ms. Lila Greer. For more on… Continue reading Hey, It’s Ada Twist, Scientist!