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Waldorf Handwork: Wet Felting With Young Children

Wet felting is a lovely way to begin handwork with young children because it is relatively easy and has a cute finished product! But why do wet felting? Well, the actual work of it builds patience, focus, and creativity while also strengthening fine motor skills and muscles. It is also calming and can help with… Continue reading Waldorf Handwork: Wet Felting With Young Children


Journaling With Children and Teens

Journaling can be beneficial on so many levels; it helps build fine motor skills and handwriting practice and can boost confidence and creativity. I wrote something about it for Imagination Soup, and it includes book recommendations that can help get your journaling life started no matter what kind of journal you want to try.

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Sand Bin: Quiet Time Activity

Quiet Time Activity

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Ice, Ice Baby: Ice Cube Fun

Ice Cube Fun: Two Different Icy Projects