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Come To Play!: A Fun Counting Song for Preschool Circle Time Or Play Time

Call all your friends over with this simple counting song. So easy and versatile, you can use animals, objects, plants, or children’s names for who you are calling over. Great for beginning counting and singing together!

If you want another song after that one, you can try a mixed language song all about the days of the week.

After singing some songs, it might be time for some crafting. If you want to try wet felting, this video will help get you started:

Both of these songs are great for preschool or kindergarten circle times, transitions with young children, or any homeschool learning time. Wet felting is a fantastic art activity for young children as it builds fine motor skills and muscles, nurtures creativity, and can even help with self-regulation and focus. If you give these a try, let me know with a comment! What shapes did you try felting?

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