Easy And Fun Family Traditions

With some big winter holidays approaching, it feels like a good time to create those core memories I keep hearing about. Though I just want to cozy up around a fire and take a nap, establishing some family traditions sounds good too, there are some fun ones that can easily fit into that landscape of gathering around a fireplace or snuggling up on the couch. I wrote about fifteen different ones for Imagination Soup, and would love to share them with you! Feel free to click on the image below to read more about some sweet family traditions.

After you’ve added a few fun new family traditions to your life, you might need a nap. Creating those core memories can be exhausting, especially with small children! Get some downtime for yourself by signing up for a month of Sharing Circle Education activities, videos, and story times all for ages three and up. Click the link HERE for a preview of what December has in store. Then you can nap peacefully while your kids go on learning adventures, listen to stories, and maybe even drift off into dreamland themselves with the Story Adventures podcast for ages three and up!

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