Back To School Deals For Educators

It’s here, my educator friends…the time to set up classrooms and learning spaces for the new year! Though I am a huge fan of thrifting or making much of my decor and materials, and including nature and natural items, there are some things that I just need to buy from the big box stores. So here are some fantastic back to school deals for educators:

10-pack of Adaptive Loop Scissors These are fantastic for teaching young children how to use scissors or for adaptive learning purposes.

Ceramic Paintable Tiles I love having things like this on hand for gifting projects! You can make a special gift for families or the school, class decor, learner self-portraits, or whatever their artistic hearts desire. It’s easy to add a hook to the back of these if you want to turn them into wall hangings too.

Mini Tape Measures These are just right for tucking into a math and science bin or basket for all kinds of projects. Small and lightweight, they are easy to store and for little hands to use.

Colorful Clothespins So cute they make me happy just looking at them! I use them to display art, clip papers together, as bulletin board decor, and about a million other crafty little projects. They are also really fun for sensory and fine-motor activities.

A-Z Cube Beads (600 pieces) Use these in letter and spelling games, to have learners make their own name bracelets/necklaces/nameplate, on your cork board, or just as a fun addition to your fine motor beading bin.

GE Electric Kettle 6 Cup I cannot get through a school year without one of these, especially when I worked at a Waldorf school where we drank tea every single day as a class. Fast and easy to use, you can be enjoying tea parties all year long without any fuss.

Prextex 12 Pack Nylon Bean Bags I used to make my own bean bags but who has time for that anymore? These are great for all kinds of games and all kinds of learners.

Creative Caddy Rotating Art Supply Storage So easy to use and store, this one makes art time easy, especially for small group setups or homeschooling. Holds pencils, markers, crayons, and more. The best part is that each section can be removed to make sharing and cleaning even easier!

Magnetic Tile Toys These are just as much fun as Magna Tiles and are great for quiet play activities, STEAM projects, building fine-motor skills and muscles, and more!

Clear Tubes Great for all kinds of learning activities from science to math to sensory to art, and this set comes with so many that you can use them for fun, organizing, and still have some to send home with learners filled with seeds, beads, or other sweet trinkets.

Black Felt With Adhesive Back I LOVE felt boards of all kinds and usually make my own with this sticky-back felt. I just adhere it to old white boards from any thrift store and presto, a portable felt board! It’s also great to use on the back of a shelving unit or on a hand-held white board for a Peace Corner, Reading Nook, or other quiet space. Also make a fun addition to any literacy or math station!

Brush Grip Paintbrush Drying Rack This really comes in handy for special brushes and pens! Just hang it over a sink or drip tray or on the leg of an easel and you always have your special brushes ready.

Mini Sewing Kit Honestly, it’s just good life advice to always have a sewing kit on hand! You’ll be ready to deal with any clothing rips, tears, or lost buttons like Frog and Toad.

Comfortable Silicone Goggles These are fantastically fun to have on hand for any kind of classroom construction activity or ocean unit where kids might want to get in costume. They are also great for some OT work or swim lessons with kiddos who might not be a fan of water near the eyes or nose.

Needle Threaders As a teacher (and person!) that really values handwork, these needle threaders can be really helpful for adaptive purposes and in getting young children to take charge of their own sewing projects.

Basic Solid Dishtowels Dishtowels come in handy for art clean-up, fabric dying projects, towel folding practice, as table linens, pretend play, extra baby doll blankets, and more. I buy as many as I can at thrift stores, but this set is also ready to use to make art or clean up after it.

Pentel Gel Pens, Pastel Colors I mean, every educator needs cool gel pens. Need I say more?

Hope some of these back to school deals will help your learning space be even more exciting this year! As you get ready for the new school year, what materials are you most excited to use with your learners? Feel free to add your favorite materials and ideas in the comments! Happy back-to-schooling!

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